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“I Am Catwoman. Hear Me Roar!”

Author Tim Hanley is back with another discombobulated history of an iconic comic book heroine (previous books examined the messy backgrounds of Wonder Woman and Lois Lane). This time he takes aim at Catwoman, arguably the most iconic character of … Continue reading

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Lois Lane Is a Punk Rocker

Along with Superman, ace reporter Lois Lane debuted in the pages of Action Comics #1. Back in 1938 she was tough, ambitious, fearless, and she had very little respect for authority. In other words, she was punk as fuck. But … Continue reading

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Bound For Glory

Without question, the worst time to be a Wonder Woman fan was during the Silver Age of comic books (roughly 1956 to 1971). Merciful Minerva! Those Robert Kanigher-penned issues were dreadful. In fact, Wonder Woman (the comic book) won two … Continue reading

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